Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions we get.

Who is in the Collective?

The Collective includes an active board circle, hired support, and affiliate groups we affectionately call Cousins. Together, we’re able to bring the core principles of the BlackSpace Manifesto to life and grow our vision.

How is the Collective organized?

All Collective circles are represented on our board and use a consensus model to make decisions about how the organization cultivates our time, talent, and treasure.

Who else is in the BlackSpace ecosystem?

Our ecosystem is ever-evolving and we work with neighborhood partners, our Slack community, BlackSpace alumni, Black brands and vendors, and many others! We’d love to meet you!

What is a Cousin?

“Cousins” is our nickname for nationally affiliated BlackSpace groups. Formally speaking, they’re autonomous entities that create local gatherings, events, and artifacts that explore Black urbanism aligned with the Manifesto. In short, “affiliates” is their “government name,” but to us, they’re our Cousins.

What's an urbanist? Do you only work in cities?

We find that a general term like “urbanist” helps our group unify across people working or passionate about urban infrastructures, public systems, or the built environments around us. Some of the folks in BlackSpace are: architects, designers, artists, planners, and more. And no, we don’t only work in cities. We work in neighborhoods, towns, buildings, etc., that invite our collaboration. As Black urbanists, we explore ways to preserve and amplify Black culture in built environments regardless of profession or location.

What projects does BlackSpace work on?

Within each of our work pillars (Urbanist Experiences, Neighborhood Strategy, and Customized Learning) we co-create bespoke projects based on how it meets our goals to acknowledge and amplify Black spaces. Things we’ve done in the past include memory mapping, building re-design, lectures, walking tours, design workshops, celebrations, and more.

Is there a BlackSpace newsletter?

Absolutely! You can subscribe to it via the sign-up in the website footer or via the link below. You can also stay up to date on our progress by following us on social media. We’re active on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

I want to know more about the newsletter.

The BlackSpace NWSLTR is a quarterly feature of original content for Black urbanists! The NWSLTR will produce and disseminate Black intellectual thought on issues including (but not limited to) urban design, planning, the arts, architecture, landscape architecture, and community development.

Who are the BlackSpace alumni?

Our alumni are past organizers with BlackSpace. Their institutional knowledge and backgrounds in various urbanist fields enable them to cheerlead our growth from any platform even after their time with the Collective.

Afiya Wilkins, Amina Hassan, Aldea Coleman, Ajamu Brown, Brysan Brown, Cheria Caldwell, Cara Michell, Chris Rice, Danielle Kavanagh-Smith, Ifeoma Ebo, Gina Sofola, Jenneh Kaikai, Joyous Pierce, Joshua Broadway, Justin Garrett Moore, Justin Romeo,k Justine Johnson, Kethia Joseph, Krystin Hence, Laurel Brown, Ladipo Famodu, Lillian Webb, Michael Williams, Nathalie Jolivert, Nicholas Forest, Nmadili Okwumabua, Quardean Lewis-Allen, Ron Morrison, Rasheed Lucus, Rafael Smith, Shady Radical, Shawn Whitehorn, Walter Cruz

How do I join the BlackSpace Slack community?

If you identify as a Black urbanist, you can sign up to join the Slack via the link below. We ask our co-conspirators who do not identify as Black to help us curate a safe virtual space by not joining the Slack community. We invite you to sign up for our newsletter via the Contact Us page and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep in touch.

Join our slack

I'm interested in joining the BlackSpace Board circle.

Our board members largely have a longstanding relationship with us and are chosen by the Collective. If you or someone you know is interested in starting a conversation with BlackSpace about joining the board, please reach out via the Contact Us page to start a conversation.

How can I work as a BlackSpace project partner?

We’re looking for folks looking to grow their urbanist practices and who have flexible time to dedicate to projects and workshops. Visit the Contact Us page and choose “Become a Project Partner” from the dropdown menu to start the conversation.

Are you hiring?

We’re a small team that’s constantly growing! We’re regularly looking for full-time and contract support. Our open positions are announced in our newsletter and social media accounts.

How can I start a Cousin group in my city?

Visit the Contact Us page and choose “Start or join a Cousin group” from the dropdown menu to start the conversation.

I want to book a customized learning workshop.

Visit the Contact Us page and choose “Book a workshop” from the dropdown menu to start the conversation. Sharing which workshop(s) you like, estimated group size, and timeline helps us meet you where you are!

How can my organization or I collaborate with BlackSpace?

We partner with non-profits, community groups, universities, and more on events and special projects. Visit the Contact Us page and choose either “Collaborate on a neighborhood strategy project” or “Collaborate on an urbanist experiences event” from the dropdown menu to start the conversation.

Where do my donations go?

Donations are a big part of how we fund our staffing, programming, and general operations.

I want to make a press inquiry.

For all media requests, visit the Contact Us page and choose “Press” from the dropdown menu.

What are the ways I can connect with the people of BlackSpace?

Visit the “Contact Us” page to speak with us directly. And of course, if you identify as a Black urbanist, you can sign-up to join our Slack community.

What’s the best way for folks who don’t identify as Black to collaborate with BlackSpace?

Participating in a Customized Learning workshop is a great way to work with us and deeply explore practical applications of the Manifesto’s teachings. Urbanists of all identities are welcome to explore our workshop offerings. We also encourage non-Black folks to donate or follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with what we’re up to.

Where do I go to donate?

Visit our Donation page or use the Contact Us form to find out how to send a check.

How are my donations used?

We use donations to hire staff and contractors as well as expand our programming and operational capacity. While the board and Cousins are strong and mighty, they all work on a volunteer basis. Your support helps build our organization and are tax deductible!

Can I use the BlackSpace Manifesto for a project/initiative I'm working on?

We encourage you to use the Manifesto in all of your work and relationships. The 14 principles took a year to to craft so, to honor the collective work, we ask that BlackSpace is credited or cited. And we’d love to hear how you used the Manifesto in the link below!

Is BlackSpace a 501(c)3 organization?

Yes! We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization (EIN: 83-4620589) and registered NY State Charity!

How do I find information for a specific BlackSpace organizer?

Go to “Who We Are” at the top of the page. You can filter profiles based on city and their role in the Collective.

Where can I find the BlackSpace Manifesto?

The 14 principles are featured on our Homepage and in the footer of all our pages. Get the full Manifesto via the link below.

Where do I find information about a Cousin group?

The “Who We Are” page links out to each Cousin page. Each city has their own page with its history, current projects, organizers, and more.

How can I get your annual report?

Get the downloadable report via the link below. We also provide the link in the footer of all our pages.