We Manifest
Black Futures.

BlackSpace demands a present and future where Black people, Black spaces, and Black culture matter and thrive.

We break the silos of urbanist practices to build Black power and Black joy.

Neighborhood Strategy

We work at a neighborhood level to co-create spaces that affirm and amplify Black presence in public life.
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Customized Learning

We share our practices and Manifesto through workshops that provoke new ways of protecting Black culture in the built environment.
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Urbanist Experiences

We inspire the creation of Black futures by gathering leaders and organizers to share new ways to center Blackness in design and urban planning.
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The BlackSpace Manifesto guides how we work with and in Black communities.

  • Create circles, not lines.
  • Choose critical connections over critical mass.
  • Move at the speed of trust.
  • Be humble learners who practice deep listening.
  • Celebrate, Catalyze, and amplify Black joy.
  • Plan with, design with.
  • Center lived experience.
  • Seek people at the margins.
  • Reckon with the past to build the future.
  • Protect and strengthen culture.
  • Cultivate wealth.
  • Foster personal and communal evolution.
  • Promote excellence.
  • Manifest the future.